About Us

Easy access to workers is what Rdy Labour is all about. We have created our system in hopes of helping professionals find each other, to get your project completed. Our team has been working hard on creating a system that provides an extensive database of people in your area. Designed to reward those who work hard, our app helps you find the right person, at the right time.

RDY Labour is a Vancouver based start-up. Built from personal experience in the service industry. Created by employers who know how frustrating it can be when workers don't show up last minute. We know the feeling of being short staffed, and we know how hard, and stressful it can be to find workers last minute. RDY Labour is here to make your lives easier, connecting you at the click of a button.


What you need?

We are able to help your team in the following ways. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Have a worker bail last minute?

Our app relieves the last minute stress of being short on site. Replacing workers has never been this easy, this short notice.

Want to save some money?

We pay our contractors more, to keep them motivated. We keep the cost for employers low, to keep your business running.

No time to call around?

No phone calls, no stress. Conveniently find last minute hires in the palm of your hand.